Fort Lauderdale Kingfish Fishing

Written by Steve Seigel.

Kingfish fishing in Fort Lauderdale is usually a sure bet. Kingfish is the common name for the king mackerel. Many Fort Lauderdale captains and locals consider kingfish one of the most fun gamefish to catch and especially enjoy eating smoked kingfish.

Kingfish range from around 5 to 50 pounds. Obviously, the fifty pound kingfish are the ones everyone in Fort Lauderdale wants to catch. When fishing for Kingfish in Fort Lauderdale, or should we say: when catching kingfish in Fort Lauderdale, you'll find that the fish have an interesting appearance. Kingfish have long slender bodies and their color seems to change depending on what angle you look at them from. Silvers, greens, blues, and even reds can all be seen.

Kingfishing in Fort Lauderdale is also popular because kingfish tend to put up a big fight. This makes fishing for kingfish a fun challenge and is also entertaining for spectators.

Kingfishing Techniques

When fishing for king mackerel in Fort Lauderdale, you'll find the kingfish swimming in a variety of depths. Smaller to average size kingfish can be found in 40 to 100 feet as well as in the mouth of inlets. Larger kingfish can be found farther offshore. Our captains typically start out searching for kingfish in around 600 feet of water near the drop off into the gulf stream.

One special thing about Fort Lauderdale is that the gulf stream is not far away and it's the gulf stream that makes Fort Lauderdale such a rich place for kingfishing and all other types of fishing.