Fort Lauderdale Swordfish Fishing

Written by Steve Seigel.

Swordfishing in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale swordfishing charters are some of the most exciting fishing charters we offer.  Swordfish or broadbills are amazing fish identified by their long bill or "sword."  These amazing fish use their bill to slash and kill their prey.  People commonly mistake the use of their bill to spear fish.  Fort Lauderdale swordfish can be caught during the day and night.  We often recommend Fort Lauderdale swordfishing fishing charters for anglers looking to do some night fishing.  Swordfish off the coast of Fort Lauderdale are usually found further off shore and in deeper water so it takes our charters longer to get out to the fishing grounds.  This is why you will see swordfishing charters in Fort Lauderdale advertised at more expensive prices.  The boats have to burn more fuel and in turn have additional costs.  

The Excitement of Swordfishing

Swordfishing in Fort Lauderdale is an experience not to be missed. What makes swordfishing so fun and challenging is reeling these enormous fish out of the depths of the ocean. Fort Lauderdale Swordfish can be found at depths ranging from hundreds of feet deep to thousands of feet deep.  We often use electric reels to help assist our anglers.  The favorite food of the swordfish is squid.  It's not uncommon for us to bring back a 200-500 pound Fort Lauderdale swordfish to the dock.  We recommend grilling the delicious white meat of the swordfish after we cut them into steaks at the dock.  Fort Lauderdale swordfishing trips are exhilerating and highly recommended.