Fort Lauderdale Shark Fishing

Written by Steve Seigel.

We are experts on shark fishing in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale has some of Florida's best shark fishing, which is why it is such a popular activity for Fort Lauderdale locals and visitors. The thrill of wrangling with a creature at the top of the world's food chain is second to none.

We have all types of shark fishing in Fort Lauderdale. Bull sharks, mako sharks and hammerhead sharks are the most common, but it's possible to catch other types of sharks as well. There are all types of sharks in Fort Lauderdale and we know where to find them and catch them.

Like fish of all sizes, sharks are brought to Fort Lauderdale during their migrations in the gulf stream current, which is located very close to Fort Lauderdale. There are millions of sharks that migrate near Fort Lauderdale every year. Even better news, most of the sharks we catch are a mile or two offshore, which means we don't have to travel very far to find them.

Shark fishing in Fort Lauderdale is quite challenging. Sharks are strong and fast and succesfully landing a shark requires the correct equipment and tackle. All our boats are outfitted with tournament grade equipment and many of our Fort Lauderdale fishing captains specialize in shark fishing.

Types of Sharks in Fort Lauderdale

As we mentioned above, we fish for all different types of sharks in Fort Lauderdale. Here's some information about each type

Hammerhead Shark Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Hammerhead sharks are so named because of their distinctive head that is in the shape of a hammer. At night, Fort Lauderdale hammerhead sharks hunt alone, whereas in the day, they tend to be found in schools. Hammerheads range in size, but fully grown hammerheads can way as much as 1000 pounds. In Fort Lauderdale, we often find hammerheads weighing a few hundred pounds or more. Hammerheads have smaller mouths than other sharks and do most of their hunting near the bottom.

Mako Shark Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

The mako shark population is in decline which makes Ft Lauderdale mako shark fishing quite difficult. Mako sharks are considered to be a threatened species and therefore if we catch one, we always try to put it back unharmed. Mako sharks are among the fastest sharks in the ocean. It is believed that they can reach speeds close to 50 mph.

Thresher Shark Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Thresher sharks can grow to be over 1,000 pounds, but the ones we find off of Fort Lauderdale tend to be smaller than that. We typically find the thresher sharks farther offshore, starting from the drop off into the gulf stream and extending out to about 1,500 feet deep. The threshers have a long tail which resembles a thresher which is a farming device that separates grain from the stalk. Thresher sharks feed on smaller pelagic fish such as tuna and mackerel. They also eat squid. We prefer squid when thresher shark fishing in Fort Lauderdale.

Bull Shark Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

We're not too afraid of sharks, but bull sharks are pretty mean mofos! What gives bullsharks their mean reputation is the fact that they're very aggressive in nature and are attracted to shallow waters where more people can usually be found. Bullsharks also have the ability to survive in freshwater, not just saltwater. Bullsharks are large and strong. They can grow to be over a thousand pounds, but the bullsharks in Fort Lauderdale tend to be no more than 500 pounds. Bullsharks feed on fish, birds, turtles, and virtually anything else they can find. They typically hunt alone and are extremely territorial. Many SCUBA divers in Fort Lauderdale report seeing the same bullsharks at the same wrecks or reefs for years.