Fort Lauderdale Sailfish Fishing

Written by Steve Seigel.

Sailfishing in Fort Lauderdale is a local favorite. Sailfish are a type of billfish with a giant dorsal fin that resembles a sail from a sailboat - hence the name, sailfish. Fort Lauderdale sailfish fishing is so popular because sailfish are fun and challenging to catch and also beautiful to see up close. Their long bodies, giant fins, long bill, and beautiful blue, silver and black colors, set them apart as one of Fort Lauderdale's most beautiful fish.

Sailfish in Fort Lauderdale are large and fast. Sailfish range in size with age, but can grow to be over 200 pounds and 10 feet long. Like their billfish cousin, the marlin, sailfish have been clocked at speed of close to 70mph underwater. Obviously, this is for short periods of time, but it's an outstanding number and sets them apart as one of the fastest creatures in the ocean. There's no thrill like fishing for sailfish in Fort Lauderdale and seeing the sailfish leap from the water high into the air. If you have a talented photographer on board, you'll have the chance to snap some amazing Fort Lauderdale sailfish photos.

Sailfish have the ability to change colors, which adds to their prowess as a predator. The changing colors help to confuse pray. They also can raise and lower their sail, which can help discourage predators and also can disorient their pray.

Fort Lauderdale Sailfish Fishing Techniques

Sailfish fishing in Fort Lauderdale is challenging and requires a captain with experience. Sailfish are cunning predators and therefore require special equipment and expertise to catch.

The two most effective methods we've found for sailfish fishing are kite fishing and dredge fishing with live baits.

When kite fishing in Fort Lauderdale, live baits are attached to long lines that are temporarily suspended from a kite flown behind the boat. The kite forces the bait to stay near the surface in a panicked state, which excites the larger predators below, such as sailfish. When the sailfish hits the bait, the line breaks free from the kite so that the sailfish can be realed in.

Dredge fishing is also an effective method when sailfishing in Ft Lauderdale. The dredge is an umbrella looking device that holds multiple baits. The dredge is trolled through the water with multiple live bait attached. The overall effect is a school of bait swimming through the water, which is superior to just towing a single fish. This helps to deceive the sailfish and increase the likelihood of catching one.

It is not uncommon to find multiple sailfish hunting together. When you find one sailfish there's a good chance there are others nearby. We can't describe the thrill of having multiple sailfish on at the same time. That's what our captains, crew, and clients live for. That's what's given Fort Lauderdale the reputation as having some of the world's best sailfishing. It's also why Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas have so many billfishing tournaments.